Farouk Kibet: The King of Kenyan Underworld

He is widely known as the feared Kenyan who is the top aide to Deputy President William Ruto. But, reality is that Farouk Kibet is an illegal alien, brought to Kenya by a foreign power that is determined to conquer and colonise Kenya through the back door.

Privately, the relationship between Farouk and Ruto is this: Farouk is Ruto’s boss. He orders Ruto around. This is because, Ruto would be just an ordinary politician if Farouk was not on the scene.

Farouk works for the top spy agency in the world. No spy agency anywhere in the world has as much resources as Farouk’s employer.

Farouk Kibet
Farouk Kibet

Farouk’s employer has access to very private details of any Kenyan they are interested in – through backdoors in phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

Therefore, through Farouk, Ruto gets to know everything his political opponents are planning BEFORE-HAND.

Imagine someone having such an advantage.

Obviously, Farouk also feeds Ruto lies that help serve Farouk’s bosses’ interests. Of course, Ruto wouldn’t know this.

Farouk and his team also help Ruto move large amounts of cash without detection.

Farouk’s employer also has other imported agents spread around the country to help spy physically, and also to assist in moving large amounts of cash to support TangaTanga without detection.

These foreign agents also directly engage in activities aimed at popularising TangaTanga, and sabotaging PATRIOTIC Kenyan politicians’ engagements in the villages and towns around the country.

If you are a patriotic Kenyan politician, and your meetings have been disturbed by people shouting “Ruto, Ruto…”, it is very possible that those shouting are not even Kenyans, they are Farouk’s people.

If there was a Kenyan among the hecklers, then definitely, he had been paid to heckle.

The net effect of these tactics by Farouk’s bosses is the perennial destabilisation of Kenya.

The ultimate objective of the foreign power supporting DP Ruto/TangaTanga is to eventually have their own citizen as the President of Kenya. Of course, that person they want to eventually install as Kenyan President would be presenting himself/herself as a Kenyan native, just like Farouk does.

If their plans are allowed to succeed, then Kenya will have been colonised for the 2nd time. This time, through the backdoor.

Being colonised through the backdoor is a million times worse than being colonised directly.

NOTE: Get PDF of this post here.

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