Letter to Ann Mwangi Mvurya

Since August 2020, they have made you do many TV interviews through video call; have made you sit for at least 1 TV interview in the studio; have made you appear in several LIVE sessions on social media…

They also forced you to do whatever with Mike Sonko, the sewer rat. You endured the humiliation. The degradation.

Pnina Salmasa

You have told your bosses this strategy of media interviews is not working. But they have insisted you must do those things, clearly ignoring your opinion and feelings.

Your bosses insist that if you don’t do the media interviews, then people will talk.

Really? But people are ALREADY talking!

You are The President of the University of Nairobi Students’ Union (UNSA). Yet, former friends at the University are avoiding you. On social media, your bosses use bots to shore up reactions/likes to your posts, because your fellow students don’t react to what you post on social media.

It is very embarrassing.

You miss home. You miss your family. But you are BARRED from ever talking to them again.

They told your relatives that you died.

You feel miserable. You wish you could go bak in time to the young girl who was named Pnina Salmasa by her loving parents.


Next time they force you to do a LIVE TV interview, speak the truth and shame the devil. Speak directly to the camera and say: “I was sent to Kenya by a foreign spy agency. I have had enough. I want out. I am requesting for political asylum…”

At this juncture, the LIVE session will most likely be cut off.

However, there are always other cameras in the studio rolling away.

Therefore, do not stop. Blurt it all out. Tell the world about he humiliations you have been through.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will be obligated to settle you in a country where you will feel safe.

What is there to lose?

Enough is Enough.

Get PDF of this post HERE.


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