Will the “Moses of the Congo” Succeed in Ousting DRC President Tshisekedi?

He is supposed to be the leader who will make The Democratic Republic of Congo become peaceful and prosperous. But first, he will have to get the opportunity to do that by ousting current President Félix Tshisekedi.

The so-called “Moses of the Congo” is none other than the former Governor of Katanga, Mr Moïse Katumbi Chapwe.

France-based magazine, Jeune Afrique, named Katumbi “African of the Year” in 2015.

However, reality is that, Katumbi is without doubt the most corrupt person in D.R. Congo.

“Katumbi repeatedly praised Nikanor, a London AIM-listed copper/cobalt mining company in the DRC. A few days later, a $30-million-dollar construction deal was reported between Nikanor and Mining Company Katanga, the company Katumbi co-founded. Katumbi said he stepped down from MCK once he became governor of Katanga. He put his wife, Carine, in charge…

Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa accused Katumbi of stealing seven million dollars for undelivered supplies out of Zambia, and froze Katumbi’s assets. He accused him of “plundering national resources” along with [former President] Chiluba [Katumbi’s brother-in-law]…”

When I saw the GLOBAL DEEP STATE celebrating the appointment of the immediate former Director General of the state-owned mining company, Gécamines, Sama Lukonde Kyenge as PM by President Tshisekedi, I wondered, what were they gaining?

Anyway, I have checked Mr Kyenge’s profile, and he appears to be a very solid Congolese. That is very good.

However, while non-DEEPSTATE people plan 2-3 steps ahead, the DEEP STATE plans 5-20 steps ahead.

The GLOBAL DEEP STATE is convinced that Mr Kyenge’s rise will lead to the rise of their man, Moise Katumbi. And rise of Katumbi would lead to total collapse of DRC.


When you see them saying that “Katumbi is closer than he’s ever been to becoming the first African ruler descended from a Holocaust refugee”, know that they mean business. That is what they are planning right now. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

Therefore, both President Tshisekedi and PM Kyenge need to be very wary of Katumbi, even though he – Katumbi – is now part of their coalition.

They need to find ways they can isolate Katumbi, and still retain other members of the coalition.

Naturally, Katumbi – and the GLOBAL DEEP STATE – are currently working, under the radar, to isolate Tshisekedi, and make Katumbi to appear as the “Saviour of the Congo”. It is only a matter of time before Katumbi stabs President Tshisekedi in the back.

5D Chess.

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.

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