Understanding Somalia-Kenya Indian Ocean Maritime Dispute

Kenya government is justified in refusing to participate in the Indian Ocean Maritime dispute with Somalia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Somalia has a judge at the ICJ – Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf – who was the President of the court from 6 February 2018 to 8 February 2021.

Therefore, until a month ago, a Somali Judge was the head of the court that is supposed to be the neutral arbiter in the maritime case between Somalia and Kenya.

These very important positions are not just handed out randomly. To become the President of such an important court, the people who run the world must be satisfied that you will take care of their interests.

Officially, the sea boundary dispute is between Kenya versus Somalia. In reality, it is Kenya vs The Most Powerful Entities in the world – the people who actually rule the globe. Kenya is extremely disadvantaged.

Not surprisingly, when Kenya sent lawyers to the ICJ regarding the case the first time, they were shocked to find that Somalia was represented by some of the best lawyers in the world.

How was that possible, yet at that time, the government in Somalia did not even control a single village, town or city?

The problem with Somalia is that it is currently a CLIENT STATE of very powerful non-African entities.

A CLIENT STATE has no foreign policy. Its foreign policy is what their foreign bosses say it is.

Nothing to do with Minerals

The Indian Ocean maritime boundary between Kenya and Tanzania goes East. The sea boundary between Kenya and Somalia is also Eastwards.

However, Somalia, the country with the longest coastline in Africa, was ordered by the non-African states that control it, to demand that the sea boundary with Kenya should be South-East.Indian Ocean Eastern Africa Maritime Borders

Contrary to what many people think, the maritime dispute between Somalia & Kenya has ZERO to do with minerals. Even if the disputed area – 62,000 sq miles/160,000 sq km – was rich in oil & gas as alleged, that would not see the most powerful people in the world become obsessed with it.

Finding oil was a direct ticket to immense riches 10+ years ago. Currently, there are countries rich in oil, yet they are struggling financially.

If the Most Powerful Entities in the world are not motivated by minerals, then what is their interest in the matter?

It is all about making Kenya to effectively become land-locked – so it can be conquered easily.

This is their plan:

1. Use ICJ to confirm Somalia boundary claim. The IMPOSTOR in Mogadishu, then auctions off oil blocks off Kenyan North Coast. The powerful non-African entities behind the dispute, quickly start “oil exploration” a few Kilometres off Lamu, Kenya.

2. The powerful non-African entities behind the boundary dispute will use “military contractors” to maintain security of their “oil exploration” vessels. The “contractors” are not answerable to any government.

The “contractors” main job, however, will be to provide cover and intel to Al-Shabaab-linked sea pirates. Indian Ocean piracy will rise again.

3. Ships headed to Lamu port will start being hijacked, just 100 KM from port, in “Somalia waters”. That will immediately kill Lamu port. Ships will start avoiding even Mombasa port.

Result? Total collapse of Kenya economy.

4. Conquering a country whose economy is thriving is extremely difficult. Destroy a country’s economy, and use “disgruntled citizens” to cause uprising, then install an IMPOSTOR as president.

That is the objective of the Most Powerful Entities in the World – The reason they initiated a maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya, a dispute that was never there before.

5. However, the END GAME is not just conquering Kenya – It is using the conquered Kenya as the base to conquer other countries in the region like Uganda, Tanzania, Congo etc.

Conquer Africa

Believe it or not, the Most Powerful Entities in the World want to conquer the whole world. They have already conquered many countries (more than 10), and installed IMPOSTORS as Presidents/Prime Ministers.

The Most Powerful Entities in the World Vs Kenya/Africa. Who will win?

NB: Get PDF of this article HERE.


2 thoughts on “Understanding Somalia-Kenya Indian Ocean Maritime Dispute

  1. Even Hollywood would reject this fictional story.
    The Law is the Law and eating too much Ugali is not an excuse


    1. 1. KENYA NAVY kicks out Al-Shabaab terror group from Kismayu, Somalia (2012).

      2. Somalia govt asks United Nations to order Kenya navy out of Somalia waters (2013).

      Kenya statement (2013): “A naval force is needed to address the movement of Shabaab elements as well as their supplies…Somalia itself does not have the capacity to control these elements.”

      Is it any wonder that Al Shabaab terrorists still control large areas of Somalia currently?

      Who pressured Somalia to press for UN to enact a policy that is against Somalia interests?


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