How Mossad Defeated Jubilee in Juja, Rurii Elections

On paper, UDA won Rurii MCA by-election and PEP won Juja MP by-election. Reality, however, is that MOSSAD spy agency was more desperate for Jubilee to lose, even more desperate than DP William Ruto. Mossad used their SPY-IMPOSTORS on the ground to make sure UDA won.

MOSSAD already has about 5,000 IMPOSTORS in Kenya, with at least 3,000 based in Mt Kenya region.

All MOSSAD did was use these IMPOSTORS already based in Mt Kenya region, for underground targeted campaigning/bribery, on the ground in Juja and Rurii.

NOTE: Only 200 of the Foreign-Born IMPOSTORS sent clandestinely to Rurii ward are enough to make the candidate that MOSSAD supports win.

1,000 IMPOSTORS are enough to flip an MP election. Each IMPOSTOR would only need to focus on 10 voters.

How do I know this? Because MOSSAD has an IMPOSTOR embedded into a family member. And if that family member was a Rurii voter, he would have voted for UDA, because of the PSYOPS he has been subjected to.

If he was a Juja voter, he would have voted for the candidate MOSSAD was supporting – the PEP candidate.


Advantage IMPOSTORS have is that, once they flip a voter, MOSSAD monitors that voter electronically…

If “their” voter seems to want to flip back to JUBILEE, the IMPOSTOR would quickly meet him/her and employ some more PSYOPS…eg. If “their” voter was convinced by a friend to vote for JUBILEE, the IMPOSTOR would convince him that the friend gets paid 5K for each voter he flips back to JUBILEE.

Therefore, even before voting started in Rurii and Juja, the candidates MOSSAD was supporting were already guaranteed THOUSANDS of votes.

This is not speculation. It is FACT.

QUESTION: If indeed UDA/Ruto side has the numbers in Mt Kenya, why are they TERRIFIED of BBI referendum?

It cannot be because BBI is bad/faulty/costly, because that would make their NO side win by a huge margin.

UDA/Ruto are TERRIFIED of BBI referendum because their IMPOSTOR advisors have told them they don’t have the numbers.

Even if MOSSAD has 5,000 IMPOSTORS in Kenya, they cannot FLIP millions of voters at a go.

To FLIP each voter, an IMPOSTOR needs to meet him/her severally…

It is important to note that, MOSSAD is the MOST POWERFUL SPY AGENCY in the world.

Through backdoors in phones/computers and other electronic devices, they can monitor a person of interest 24/7.

If their IMPOSTORS have already bribed and convinced a voter called Maina to vote for UDA, they will also monitor that voter remotely – listen to his conversations etc.

Therefore, by election day, they were 100% certain that the THOUSANDS of voters they had flipped to UDA/PEP in Rurii and Juja had not “backslided”.

It should be noted that although MOSSAD supported these UDA/PEP candidates, and campaigned/bribed for them, the candidates were not aware.

The candidates believe that they must have been very popular on the ground.

That is how MOSSAD operates. They can campaign for you, without you knowing, if it is in their interest for you to win.

MOSSAD can even manipulate officials in a particular company to employ person Y, without that person knowing, because it is in their interest for person Y to be employed there e.g. because they don’t want person X to be employed there.

If MOSSAD did not have their IMPOSTORS in Kenya, Jubilee would probably have won both Rurii and Juja by 90%.

Download “How Mossad Defeated Jubilee in Rurii Election” in PDF format HERE.

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