Kenya Election 2022 was Stolen and Must be Nullified

The foreigners who manipulated the 9 August 2022 election results are experts in data manipulation and human psychology.

In January, I wrote: “No way of blocking NEOCOLONIALISTS from interfering with elections, unless all materials are sourced locally…”

I was shocked to read that the company contracted to manage the election in Kenya, is the same company accused of rigging elections in Venezuela, Philippines and the United States.

If a company can rig elections in the USA, rigging in Kenya is child’s play to them.

I have written many times that, if Kenya uses foreigners to control the technology aspect of the election, or printing of ballots, the election would be rigged.

This is the current reality.

The world has changed.

In the past 20 years, the world has changed. A lot.

The world has become a “global village”.

And some very powerful entities are very determined to become the leaders of this “global village”.

One of the strategies they have been using to achieve this, is to manipulate elections in various countries.

They use bribery and underhand tactics to lobby hard for their companies to manage all election aspects in various countries – Voter identification technology, ballot printing etc.

Of course, nowhere does their names appear as owners of these companies – they own these companies through “silent” third parties.

And these very powerful entities are cunning enough to know that, for rigging to be done without raising any suspicion, it must be done in only carefully selected regions.

In the Kenyan case, they rigged carefully in parts of Nairobi, Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Nakuru, Tharaka-Nithi, Meru, Nyandarua and Laikipia counties.

And even in these counties, they carefully chose what elective positions to rig per constituency – In constituency A, they rigged for MP, Senator & President only; In Constituency B, they rigged for Women Rep, Governor only; In Constituency C, they rigged for President only; In Constituency D, they din’t rig for any seat etc.

That way, they rigged, but managed to confuse everyone about how they were doing it.

The tragedy is that, if a government comes into power through rigging, it would never relinquish power.

Although there are certainly some MCAs, MPs, Senators & Governors who won through this rigging – and they all belong to just one political party – that is not as tragic as the rigging of the presidential vote.

It will be possible to vote out some of the rigged-in MCAs, MPs, Senators & Governors in 5 years time. Some may also lose their seats via petitions in court (though some of these court petitions take years to conclude).

But once a rigged-in president is allowed to take power, that’s it. You will never be able to vote him out.

The very powerful non-African entities who have used so much resources to rig him into power, will be his protector.

If you are his opponent, you would automatically become the enemy of these very powerful non-African actors.

The Kenyan president would be their puppet.

Kenya would be finished. Kaput.

Recall the puppet presidents they used to have in Afghanistan? Kenyan case would be similar.

Everyone would be trying to leave the country, because it would become a basket case.

That is why the bogus presidential election must be CANCELLED, and a real election held.

They have had their way, and gained dozens of rigged-in MPs, plus many rigged-in candidates in other seats.

Now, it must be for other Kenyans to have their way.

After the bogus presidential election is cancelled, the real election must be managed by Kenyan-owned companies.

All election technology must be by Kenyan companies.

Election ballots must be printed in Kenya.

If money is printed in Kenya, why should ballots be printed abroad?

The world has changed – meaning any aspect of Kenyan election controlled from abroad, will definitely be controlled by people who desperately want to conquer the country.

And they will definitely manage the election in such a way that they rig in their candidate.

It doesn’t matter whether the foreign company is from South America, Europe, Asia, or wherever.

If the owners make sh1 billion profit per year, and they are offered sh20 billion by certain entities, to make them “silent partners”, would they refuse?

That is why the companies managing the Kenyan election must be locally based, and owned by Kenyans.

So that they can be monitored to make sure they are not engaged in any sinister activities.

The Alternative

Kenya does not have an alternative.

Either the bogus presidential election is cancelled, and a real election is held, using only local companies to manage it, or Kenya is finished.

The President

Kenya President will be under a lot of pressure from powerful non-Africans, to accept the stolen vote, and “move on”.

However, reality is that it is allies and associates of these same powerful non-Africans, who are behind the election theft.

Therefore, they are not neutral players in this matter.

When accepting what foreigners are demanding means total destruction of the country, the president has the right and duty to say no, and do what is right for his country.

Download this article in PDF format HERE


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