Noordin Haji as NIS Director General – Fastest Way to Destroy a Country

Director General of NIS nominee Noordin Haji’s resume is very impressive.

– Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)

– Deputy Director of Counter Organised Crime Unit, National Intelligence Service (NIS)…

Haji is a solid Kenyan, and comes from a very patriotic family. He served Kenya diligently until sometime in 2019.

Haji’s life changed completely in 2019, when attempts by Mossad to keep Silvia Romano saga hushed up failed, ending in their agents getting directly involved, and crossing paths with Haji, whose office was trying to solve the case.

Haji is a sophisticated person, with good training in law and intelligence operations.

No way Mossad could FLIP him without him realising it, unless…

That is why Mossad used “TURKS” – Mossad agents of Turkish background.

The operation to FLIP him couldn’t succeed without also involving Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (known as MIT), to provide cover.

Up to this day, Haji probably believes he works secretly with Turkish agents, but reality is that he is a ‘SHARED asset’ between Mossad & MIT (Not the US university).

Only a very naive person would believe that Mossad and MIT ‘SHARE’ Haji equally – The ratio should be something like 95%:5%, with the senior partner being obvious.

If parliament approves Mr Haji to take over as Director General of NIS, it will mean that Kenya will have an obvious and open FOREIGN ASSET, being responsible for providing information to the president and National Security Council about security threats to the country, and how to counter them.

In other words, Kenyan president and National Security Council will be receiving intelligence reports that have been pre-approved by foreign countries’ spy agencies.

Apart from Kenya, another country that will be greatly disadvantaged by this arrangement is Somalia – All these non-African entities have unusual interest in the country, and now that they will have their asset in charge of Kenya intel services, Somalia’s chances of becoming stable again will become nil.



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