Information Management in Africa

Recent events in Kenya have proved that, if African patriots do not control most of the sources of information that local citizens receive, their country will eventually be conquered by powerful non-African entities.

If African governments, or patriotic African billionaires, do not start funding local social media platforms, to compete with prominent big-tech social media, then all of Africa will eventually be conquered by very powerful non-African entities.

They do not have to start with complex apps.

They can start simple – by funding creation of a patriotic discussion forum – and promote it aggressively in the media, so that it eventually has at least 1 million regular users.

This forum will not be generating any income. That is why an ordinary patriot cannot do it.

Therefore, the govt or philanthropic African tycoons will be funding it, because they understand that, without it, their countries will be conquered by powerful foreigners, like has happened to Kenya.

NOTE: If I had to give a rough estimate of how different platforms influence Kenyans’ opinions, I would give newspaper/radio/TV = 20% & social media = 80%.

In Kenya, most newspapers/radio/TV are owned by patriots. However, it means that patriots only control 20% of the national narrative.

I will use 2 examples to explain why having African-owned social media/discussion forums, that are run by PATRIOTIC Africans is crucial.

Example I

A peasant in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), stumbles upon teenagers being recruited to join one of the armed militias there.

To his utter shock, the person leading the recruitment is a foreigner, he knows as the director of a humanitarian agency that operates in the region, supplying relief food to local villages, including his.

He runs home and tells villagers what he had seen.

Nobody believes him.

He turns to social media (yes, there are many peasants in Africa who have cheap smartphones, and are on social media).

His posts on social media are SHADOW BANNED – hidden from everyone else.

Do you think if he goes to the media – TV/Radio – they would report what he tells them? NO.

If there was a popular PATRIOTIC Congolese discussion forum, he would probably have posted on it.

And because it is run by patriots, his post wouldn’t be hidden. It would be read by thousands of people.

Some readers may reply seeking more information – especially about exact place and time the incident happened.

The matter could then be picked up by the police, because it has been AMPLIFIED, after being posted on the DRC patriotic discussion forum.

Eventually, there would be many incidences like these, all being exposed, because of existence of this discussion forum.

Therefore, the public would be having the right information about what is happening in eastern Congo.

They would definitely support all govt efforts to do what needs to be done to end the wars in the east.

That would mean DRC’s minerals would no longer be stolen.

Local people would live peacefully, and be able to engage in economic activities to uplift their lives.

NB: You have probably heard/read about “Islamist Militia” in eastern DRC, massacring local villagers.

Have you asked yourself, “Islamist Militia in the Congo? Where did they suddenly come from?”

Information flow management by patriotic Africans is key to solving these problems.

Example II

This could be in Kenya, or any other African country.

Dr Sam has appeared on TV several times, where he is introduced as a doctor of medicine.

He is famous on social media, too.

He runs Dr Sam’s Healthy Living Studio, where he claims to cure various illnesses through use of “mysticism”.

Patients who visit his “studio” – and they are very many – believe he is a medical doctor, who also has mystical powers.

The chairman of the Medical Doctors Registration Board goes on TV, and warns everyone that Dr Sam is no medical doctor. He is a quack.

However, they could not ask for his prosecution because in his “studio”, nowhere does he mention that he is a medical doctor. He also has no (fake) medical degree on the wall.

Dr Sam simply exploits the fact that, some radio/TV journalists, believing he is a medical doctor, because of his popularity on social media – where he is referred to as a medical doctor – allowed him to participate in their programs, where they introduced him as a medical doctor. He could also have paid some journalists to promote him.

Njeri is a patient of Dr Sam.

Like hundreds of his other patients, she believes he is a medical doctor, who has mysterious powers.

She has spent more than sh1 million in the past year on Dr Sam’s “medical services”.

However, her illness is becoming worse.

She is being scammed by Dr Sam, but she doesn’t know it.

She watched the TV interview where the chairman of the Medical Doctors Registration Board called Dr Sam a quack.

She started wondering whether that could be true.

She searched Twitter, Facebook…even used Google and other search engines, but all she saw were articles about how good a doctor Dr Sam was.

She asks around her WhatsApp groups, but Dr Sam’s “medical degree certificate” is circulating there…

How can she doubt that Dr Sam “is a medical doctor, who has mysterious powers”, if everywhere she looks confirms that?

But, why would foreign companies worth billions of dollars want to promote Dr Sam?

It is a very complex matter, but in summary, it is because they know that someone who has behaviour like that of Dr Sam, is the opposite of what a patriot is.

If a foreign entity wants to conquer country-X, who do you think they would consider as a possible ally? A patriotic citizen, or non-patriotic citizen of country-X?

If Kenya govt, or a philanthropic Kenyan billionaire had funded a Kenya-based social media/discussion forum, run by PATRIOTIC Kenyans, and promoted heavily, so that it was one of main source of news for most Kenyans, then Dr Sam would most likely have been exposed on that forum as a con-artist.

There would be posts on this patriotic forum, explaining that Dr Sam’s alleged medical degree is fake – and these posts would be seen by thousands, because owners/moderators of the forum are PATRIOTS.

Njeri, and many others, would not have been conned, no have their illnesses worsen, because of being attended to by a quack.

Someone may say: What are you talking about? I have seen many such scammers exposed on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…

Sure, many such scammers are exposed on the big-tech social media, almost daily.

However, there are many other “elite con-artists”, who these sites do not allow to be exposed, because they work directly for the global-powers-that-be – in their mission to conquer African states.


African countries have only 2 options:

1. Have trust that foreign social media companies mean well. Citizens depend on these companies for information, 100%.

The country gets conquered – Gets Neo-colonised (2nd colonialism)

Like has happened to Kenya, recently.

2. Government, or very rich patriotic person(s) in the country realise the danger of not having any local, patriotic, social media/discussion forum.

They fund it, either directly or indirectly.

They do everything within their power to make sure that local people have option to discuss issues that affect them/their country on a locally-based online forum, that is run by patriots.

The country cannot be conquered, because citizens will have the right information, and will support government actions that are good for the country.

There is no grey area in this matter.

No third option.

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