Mossad Rigs Massively for UDA in Kiambaa: Kenya in Worst Crisis Since Independence

It is a FACT that Mossad have massively rigged Kiambaa by-election in favour of their uda IMPOSTOR candidate. But the tragedy is that about 60% of uda candidate’s votes could be genuine. In that case, they only needed to clandestinely add 40% for their candidate to claim victory.

FACT: These IMPOSTORS have infiltrated the electoral commission, IEBC. Kenya is in a crisis. The worst crisis since independence.

Kiambaa election must be nullified. This is about protecting Kenya independence.

But, why would 30% of Kiambaa voters vote for an IMPOSTOR?

That a Mossad IMPOSTOR can even get 30% vote, when his opponent is a well-known and popular Kiambaa native shows that, unless the IMPOSTOR phenomenon stops being treated like taboo topic by Kenyan media, Kenya will be colonised and become kaput, very soon.

This is a national tragedy.

There was a time when many people from Kiambaa in Kiambu county considered themselves to be the most chanuka-ered in the whole of Kenya.

Yet, 30% of them have been misled and voted for an outsider, an IMPOSTOR no less.

This is not about Jubilee party. This is about Kenya.

Unless Kenyans know about these IMPOSTORS, UDA presidential candidate will score more than 70% of the vote, in 1st round (real votes + rigged votes). They would also have more than 70% of MPs, making it possible to change the constitution to fit their interests (i.e. to fit the interests of the foreign power that owns UDA).

If someone is campaigning to become next Kenya president, stop immediately. You are wasting your time.

If the president’s party can be rigged out, and in the president’s home county no less, what chances of winning does any presidential candidate have, when pitted against Mossad’s uda candidate? ZERO.

I repeat: A foreign power has infiltrated the electoral commission. They are rigging at will. The way things are going, they could even rig in next elections so that 70% of MPs are IMPOSTORS.

Unless they are stopped.

If Mossad can manage to have someone like their uda Kiambaa candidate receive 30% of votes cast, then rig in an additional 20%, they can have anyone elected in Kenya, if they use as much resources and PSYOPS as they used in Kiambaa.

NOTE: That Kiambaa IMPOSTOR is so unknown in the constituency, that even on billboards they had known Kikuyu MPs featuring in front, with the candidate at the back. Also, the candidate couldn’t campaign on his own – the same Kikuyu MPs had to accompany him at every campaign rally.

If Mossad, through their Kenya-based IMPOSTORS, can manipulate several thousand voters to vote for such a candidate, then rig in the extra thousands of votes needed to win, only one thing will prevent them from conquering and colonising Kenya – Exposing these IMPOSTORS by making at least 90% of Kenyans know that there are IMPOSTORS in the country, who are using PSYOPS to fool Kenyans.

There are only 2 possible scenarios vis-a-vis Kenya future:

1. Most Kenyans remain in the dark regarding presence of foreign-born SPY-IMPOSTORS in the country.

Mossad’s UDA would definitely win next elections by overwhelming majority – real votes + rigging. No other presidential candidate or coalition would stand any chance of defeating UDA.

Any politician intending to contest for the presidency – apart from UDA candidate – would be wasting his/her time campaigning. ZERO chance of winning.

The IMPOSTORS would become so confident that they would definitely increase their presence in parliament, by a very big margin. How many IMPOSTORS would be elected as MPs/Senators in the next election? 40% of parliament? 50% of parliament?

Kenya would have been colonised by a foreign power without firing a single shot.

2. Most Kenyans get to know about presence of these foreign-born SPY-IMPOSTORS in the country.

No IMPOSTOR would ever get elected again. Their UDA party would collapse. Politicians who already have IMPOSTORS embedded into them, will either have to get rid of the IMPOSTORS, or they would’t be elected ever again, since Kenyans wouldn’t tolerate IMPOSTOR-inspired politicians (those who act based on PSYOPS fed to them i.e. BRAINWASHED politicians).

NOTE: There isn’t much time remaining for Kenyans to be made aware of presence of these foreign-born SPY-IMPOSTORS in the country. It must be done NOW.

People who know about these IMPOSTORS should be allowed by Kenyan media to participate in their programs, or to write opinion articles to be published in popular Kenyan newspapers.

I have written to many media companies, but none has ever responded. Apparently, they are scared of featuring me.

However, as written above, we don’t have a choice. Either Kenyans get to know about the IMPOSTORS who are sabotaging the country, or they succeed in COLONISING Kenya. There’s no 3rd option.


Someone might argue that UDA presidential candidate is Kenyan, therefore…

Fact is that UDA presidential candidate is Kenyan alright – a Kenyan figurehead, or puppet. Mossad owns UDA. Foreign-born Mossad SPY-IMPOSTORS ran the party secretariat. They even do money laundering for their presidential candidate.

Perfect definition of a puppet. He would have zero power to contradict the IMPOSTORS.

If the Kenyan UDA president attempted to act independently, they would simply topple him. Furthermore, the IMPOSTORS would be running parliament, and would simply have him outed by vote of no confidence.

It is important to note that, there is no foreign power that would want to colonise another country so they can “empower” the colonised people. Impossible.

Therefore, when UDA IMPOSTORS talk about “Bottom-up economics”, know that is just the bait. It is part of their strategy to fool Kenyans, and make them vote for their would-be colonisers.

The Kenyans who support foreign-owned UDA because of “Bottom-up economics” or whatever, have been misled, through 1st class PSYOPS.

Imagine having a Kenya govt that acts in the interests of a foreign power, against the interests of Kenyans?

Imagine becoming a refugee, because Kenya state has collapsed?

Kenya is facing existential threat. If you think I am exaggerating, just look at Ethiopia.

Example of IMPOSTOR-led Govt

Similar tactics were used to propel an IMPOSTOR to become Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Yes, current Ethiopia PM is an IMPOSTOR. The difference between the Ethiopian IMPOSTOR and Kenyan IMPOSTORS is that he traces his roots to Ethiopia.

However, he is not who he says he is. And he acts in the interests of the people who made him PM – a foreign power.

Many people may not know that, before the war in Tigray started, the PM had sent his army towards Kenya, from Somalia side, apparently ready to fight Kenya. This is something a non-IMPOSTOR Ethiopian leader would never do, since Kenya and Ethiopia have had a peace treaty for long.

Ethiopia taking hostile action against Kenya would not be in Ethiopia’s interest, but since the PM was not acting in Ethiopia’s interests…

Last year, Ethiopia opposed Kenya’s plan to be on UN security council. That wouldn’t have happened before.

Inside Ethiopia itself, the current PM pursued policies that were detrimental to his country’s interests. In fact, some Ethiopians had started complaining that the PM appeared determined to destabilise and weaken their country.

Currently, Ethiopia is on the verge of breaking up into small mini-states. More than 100,000 people – mostly from Tigray – have died from the civil war in northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia economy is on free-fall. They are even closing their embassies abroad for lack of funds to run them.

That is the effect of having IMPOSTORS running a country.

NOTE: Once IMPOSTORS become leaders of a country, it is next to impossible to remove them from power, since the foreign-power they act for protects them from being toppled.

In the case of Ethiopia, the country cannot become stable again, with current PM in power. However, he doesn’t appear to have any plans to step down. And no foreign power is pushing for him to step down.

They even awarded him Nobel Peace Prize!

Even if foreign powers were to tell him to step down, it is certain that they would replace him with another IMPOSTOR, meaning the country will still remain unstable.

Therefore, once you let IMPOSTORS gain power, that’s it. The country is destroyed. For ever. Kaput. NO SECOND CHANCE TO DO THINGS RIGHT.

Kenya has the chance to prevent this from happening, by talking about the IMPOSTOR phenomenon now. Else, what is happening in Ethiopia now, will be happening in Kenya a few years from now.

Recently, there were reports about 104 Ethiopians found cramped in a 3-bedroom house in Kiambu county. That is result of desperation – People ready to withstand a lot of hardships as they flee from their collapsing country.

If you wouldn’t want to even imagine how you could be among 104 Kenyans cramped in a 3-bedroom house in a neighbouring country, you need to support the outing of these IMPOSTORS.

Let us save Kenya from going to the dogs. We have the chance. Now.

One way of doing that is to spread this pdf document. Send the pdf to your friends, and tell them to send it to their friends.

Sending pdf is better than sending a web link, because sometimes an url may not open.

Download “Mossad Rigs Massively for UDA in Kiambaa: Kenya in Worst Crisis Since Independence” in PDF format HERE.

Confirmed: UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina is a MOSSAD Spy-IMPOSTOR

It is now official: UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina (real name Hadas Tehila-Tegegne) is a foreign-born MOSSAD Spy-IMPOSTOR. This means that, a Foreign Power not only owns the DE FACTO Opposition party in Kenya, but they are also running the secretariat through their IMPOSTOR.

Currently, UDA is involved in massive recruitment drive countrywide, where peasants are paid to become members, and paid some more to claim they are not being paid.

Photos and videos of Kenyans turning out across the country to register as UDA members is very good OPTICS for the party.

The fact that UDA has sent its top Kenyan officials to conduct “seminars” away from Nairobi, while IMPOSTOR Veronica Maina runs the secretariat, can only mean one thing: MOSSAD does not want these Kenyan officials sniffing around, because they might become suspicious about certain goings on at the head office.

If these Kenyan UDA officials were involved in running the head office, they might start wondering:

– How can the party afford to be spending tens of millions of shillings daily, in these recruitment exercises, yet the general election is more than a year away?

– How come Ms Maina and her close associates – who must also be IMPOSTORS – know so many details about IEBC voter register?

– Why does Ms Maina and her close associates have total contempt for Kenya government officials? Where does she get this power?

The fact that the real owner of UDA is the Top Spy Agency in the world, and considering who this Spy Agency represents, it means that for this political party, money is not the problem.

The problem is how to spend a lot of money, without appearing to be doing so.

That is why they can only trust their Spy-IMPOSTORS to run UDA secretariat – so that details about strategy, funding, spending etc. remain mysterious to everyone else.

What happens to those UDA candidates who supposedly “won” recent by-elections?

Surely, it cannot be legal for a FOREIGN POWER to own a political party in Kenya?

The 5,000 Foreign-Born IMPOSTORS Sent to Kenya by a Foreign Power

There are about 5,000 foreign-born IMPOSTORS living in Kenya. They were brought secretly to Kenya by the MOST POWERFUL SPY AGENCY in the world.

They have Kenyan names and speak Kenyan languages. They have blended so well into Kenyan society, without raising any suspicion, that some have even been elected to Parliament.

Their ultimate goal is to conquer Kenya, by having one of them become the President of Kenya. Other IMPOSTORS would be Cabinet Secretaries, Ambassadors etc.

Kenya would have been colonised without firing a single shot. Real Kenyans will become slaves, and yet the rest of the world wouldn’t be able to help, because they won’t know about it.

These 5,000 IMPOSTORS do various SABOTAGE activities under the radar, undetected by Kenyans. The jobs they do include:

1. Attending – in large numbers – political rallies hosted by DP and his allies and cheering, to make them appear to be popular on the ground;

2. Attending – in few numbers – political rallies of politicians seen as a threat to DP’s interests, and heckling, to make them appear to be unpopular on the ground;

3. Spying on targeted Kenyans;

4. Sabotaging businesses of patriotic Kenyans;

5. Popularising unpatriotic Kenyans, on the ground and online;

6. Slandering patriotic Kenyans, on the ground and online;

7. Blackmailing targeted patriotic Kenyans;

8. Popularising ANTI-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

9. Manipulating Kenyans to oppose PRO-KENYA policies, on the ground and online;

10. Becoming embedded into certain targeted Kenyans – as business associates, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or husbands/wives;

11. Using rumour and innuendo to cause suspicion and hate between different Kenyan tribes;

12. Being sent outside Kenya to act as just another Kenyan student/immigrant, and do the above 1-11 jobs on targeted Kenyans abroad.

Defending Kenya From Being Colonised Through The Backdoor

The spy agency that brought these IMPOSTORS to Kenya has calculated that, their plan will be accomplished by first making DP president. This is because they embedded their IMPOSTORS into him long ago – e.g. his supposed “aide” Farouk Kibet.

To sabotage the spy agency’s evil mission in Kenya, and rescue Kenya from being colonised, is to make sure you don’t support the politician they want you to support – DP.

Supporting the government 100% will completely sabotage these IMPOSTORS’ plan to conquer Kenya. Supporting “The Handshake” politicians will completely ruin the spy agency’s anti-Kenya plot.

Download “Confirmed: UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina is a MOSSAD Spy-IMPOSTOR” in PDF format HERE.