How Kenya is Being Finished

Many people with corruption cases in court have been appointed to head crucial ministries/departments in the UDA government – including Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Board chairman Anthony Ng’ang’a Mwaura, and CAS in Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.

Mr Mwaura was “among those charged alongside Mr [Mike] Sonko in 2019 over money laundering and giving the former governor kickbacks…”

This govt appoints a person with an active corruption case in court to be in charge of KRA board.

Suddenly, KRA starts missing tax collection targets by billions each month.


This is official govt data: State House budget for 12 months = sh8.6 billion (increase of 102%);

7 months spending = sh9 billion (450 million MORE than whole year’s budget).

Then they tell civil servants there is no money.

Graphic above – 07/07/2022 (Uhuru presidency): KRA EXCEEDS REVISED TARGET, RECORDS HIGHEST REVENUE GROWTH IN HISTORY – KRA official website.

Graphic below – 16/02/2023 (Ruto presidency): Kenya Revenue Authority missed its revenue collection targets by Sh27 billion.

Rigathi Gachagua

Rigathi Gachagua was admitted to study Bachelor of Arts at the University of Nairobi (UoN) in the 1980s. Those days, Kenya, like many other African countries, was a one party dictatorship.

University students were at the forefront in demanding for human rights and democracy.

Consequently, the dreaded Special Branch was very keen to recruit snitches to monitor other students and lecturers, and report anyone talking about democracy, multi-parties, human rights etc.

Rigathi was introduced to Special Branch by his close relative who was a Chief.

The Special Branch was very eager to recruit Rigathi as an informer, since he would be a student at UoN’s Faculty of Arts, then known as a hotbed of “radical politics”. Immediately he joined university, he started reporting what lecturers and fellow students were saying about Kenyan politics.


Rigathi Gachagua snitched on lecturers and fellow students so enthusiastically that he caught the attention of then Special Branch boss, James Kanyotu. His eagerness to betray his fellow students impressed Kanyotu so much, till he ordered Rigathi to be reporting directly to him.

Kanyotu “promoted” Rigathi – informally since Rigathi was technically not an employee of Special Branch – and made him the “Head Snitch” at UoN.

Naturally, Rigathi was rewarded handsomely, and bought his first car while still a freshman at UoN.

During his time at UoN, Rigathi’s snitching led to jailing of many students and lecturers for sedition and subversion (i.e. discussing democracy, multi-parties, human rights).

District Officer (D.O.)

When he graduated with BA, through government connections, he was employed as a District Officer (D.O.).

RIGATHI gachagua molo D O XXX

Rigathi Gachagua was appointed D.O. Kiambaa, Kiambu County. As D.O. he used Special Branch connections to intimidate and shake down local businessmen.

On Monday mornings, there would be a queue of young men waiting to meet D.O. Rigathi in his office.

Each of these young men would be carrying an envelop to hand over to D.O. Rigathi. The young men were messengers/drivers of Kiambaa businessmen, sent by their bosses to hand over “protection money” to D.O. Rigathi. This was done each and every Monday morning.

As time went on, D.O. Rigathi kept demanding more and more money from the tycoons. A local businessman known as Wa Cikû refused to send any more extortion money.

D.O. Rigathi had him arrested by the Special Branch for “insulting the government”.

Wa Cikû was released a month later. He had been castrated.

This sent terror among Kiambaa businessmen. They requested a meeting with then President Daniel arap Moi. They pleaded with him to transfer D.O. Rigathi Gachagua from Kiambaa.

Rigathi was transferred to Molo, Nakuru county.

The terror he subjected Molo people is talked in whispers even today.

“Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s office demanded Sh1.59 billion two days after the Supreme Court confirmed Kenya Kwanza’s victory.”


1. William Ruto appoints corrupt people to sensitive dockets. They eat, as expected.

2. Govt has, say, sh1 billion. It needs to pay debt of sh400 million. It spends sh600 million on luxuries for those at the top.

Then tells civil servants to tighten their belts, since the remaining sh400 million is for servicing debt.

3. A team of “economic experts” is hired and given sh204 million. Yet, there are hundreds of excellent economists in treasury and other ministries.

What is the job of this team?

To eat and whine in media/social media about WHY economy is bad, but not about HOW to come out of the mess.

Never in Kenya history have leaders exhibited this kind of greed, selfishness and callousness.

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